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WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT is a secured technology service that helps you achieve targeted savings (popularly known as Ajo) by automatically saving for you DAILY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY little by little with as low as ₦ 100.

It also incentivizes you with a minimum of % Interest P.A and other goodies like Coupons, Gift Cards and Access to Premium Deals.


We have a fast and easy process.



Begin by using the calculator above, choose your plan and enter the amount you want to be saving Daily Weekly or Monthly, then click proceed.


Link Your Savings Source

You will be prompted to enter a debit card that will be the source of your periodic savings. We accept only Nigerian Debit Cards for now ( Visa Or Mastercard).


Watch Your Savings Grow will automatically handle all your savings henceforth on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Lucrative Interest Rate earns you periodic and lucrative interest irrespective of amount saved. You also get to earn extra interest when you save in groups.

Multiple Savings Options

You have multiple options of savings based on your need, from Personal Savings, Group Combine to Group Competitive Savings, you can pick a category that is suitable for your financial goal.

Safe & Secure

All data transmitted through are encrypted End-to-End. All savings sources are handled by a secure and PCI-DSS compliant Payment Processor. So? You absolutely have nothing to worry about.

Flexibility On Withdrawals

You own your funds and can withdraw at any time should you choose to discontinue your savings plan.

Unprecedented Customer Service

We are more than happy to help you through your savings process.

No Fees

No cost is borne by you on deposits and withdrawals.

FAQs is a revolutionary financial savings solution that helps to overcome the individual challenge of SAVING MONEY for future needs, takes away the stress and planning required to save on a regular basis as it automates your savings FREE OF CHARGE, and gives you minimum of   %   Interest P.A and other incentives like Coupons, Gift Cards, Access to Premium Deals as you SAVE . is simple to use and absolutely rewarding. is suitable for persons who:

1. Want to grow wealth through regular, disciplined savings

2.Want to earn interests higher than what their banks can give

3.Want to be able to have access to their savings in cases of emergencies

4. Want to keep their savings for long periods of time without having access to it
MySavings is completely free: no hidden charges, no account maintenance fee. We mean it!
Currently, you can only save with debit cards issued by all Nigerian Banks.
We are working to enable savings directly from your bank account.
We offer you a minimum of % per annum on any savings you make and this return accrues to you daily.
Absolutely. Our dashboard was designed with this objective in mind. You can monitor the progress of your savings and returns.
You can create as many saving plans as you wish. e.g Vacation Plan, Children Plan, House Rent Plan, Car Plan, Wedding Plan, Education Plan, and so on.
You have the flexibility to give each plan a unique name that resonates with your saving goals.
You can set your saving plan(s) to be daily, weekly or monthly. You only need to specify this once and ensures money is saved automatically on specified period into your account.
All interest are paid out to you less WHT and VAT
Each savings frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) has minimum amount and they are displayed at the point of simulation. You can start your saving plans with as low as ₦100 (One hundred Naira). We do not have an upper limit. You have a billion Naira you want to save with us? Please go ahead.
Yes, with a click of button from your dashboard.
You only get a 3% penalty if your savings have been domiciled for less than 45 days.
You will receive your requested funds in about 48hrs from the day of initiation. It will be paid into your nominated account. was built with security in mind. Critical customer data is encrypted and securely stored. We do not store your card information as we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor to handle all our customers’ card details.


Disclosures is powered by XSLNCE Micro Finance Bank (XMFB), a Bank registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with RC Number: 1279879 and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to receive deposits, pay out funds, and provide lending facilities and other Microfinance Activities. Developer and Technical Partner is SystemStacks Nigeria Limited, a Technology Company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with RC Number: 1334172.
This is to say that SystemStacks Limited and XSLNCE Micro Finance Bank(XMFB) are legal entities in Nigeria. Our investment professionals invest savers funds in financial instruments and manage the investments to ensure optimum return.
Furthermore, all savers/depositors funds are insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)